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Ewing's Sarcoma of the Pancreas

(Extraosseous Ewing’s Sarcoma)

Those are some pretty big medical words ya got there.

The Cancer

Ewing’s sarcoma is a highly aggressive malignant tumor most commonly affecting long bones in children and adolescents. Approximately 30% of Ewing’s sarcoma are extraosseous (outside of bone) and the pancreas is considered to be an extremely uncommon site. My tumor at time of diagnosis was approximately 6-7 centimeters in size.

My Treatment

Ifosfamide, etoposide, vincristine, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide

Whipple Surgery Pancreatoduodenectomy

My Team

Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Florida


Dr. Damon Reed, Oncologist (2021-22)
Dr. Pamela Hodul, Surgeon

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