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We're Adopting!

Romans 8:15

We are ready to begin our GREATEST adventure yet!


We are expanding our family by adopting a girl, aged 3-5, from Taiwan.

With God's healing and grace, we will be able to submit the necessary documents and home study to Taiwan after June 1, 2024.


We humbly share this page with you as a way to update our support system and provide you with information on how you can be a part of our child's story.

Nelson & Christina

Announcing our adoption of a little girl from Taiwan.

How To Help


Participate in Our Let's Roam Fundraiser!

Let's Roam offers a diverse range of scavenger hunt experiences to suit every occasion and interest. Choose from city exploration, bar crawls, ghost tours, art walks, date night packages, and more.

Make a donation of $50 and receive a Let's Roam Scavenger Hunt!

Only five packages available:

  • 3 scavenger hunts for up to 10 people

  • 2 date night hunts for 2 people

First come, first serve. Please email me when you have donated and I will send you the Let's Roam vouchers.

Make a Donation


All tax-deductible donations go directly to Nightlight Christian Adoptions to be used to bring our child home. 


An adoption from Taiwan costs approximately $40,000. With our personal budgeting and saving we will be able to fund a good portion of this cost ourselves. Additionally, once our home study is complete we will be able to apply for grants.

However, the largest cost will be approximately $13,000 upon completion of our home study and the receipt of a referral.


Your Name Will Be Added to a Quilt

Everyone who donates will have their name added to a quilt to welcome our little girl home, wrapping her in the warmth and generosity of our community.


Words of Encouragement

Do you have experience with adoption or know someone who has? We welcome your wisdom, funny stories, and encouragement.

Please Pray for

  • a swift and "easy" home study

  • the little girl God will match us with

  • the continued strengthening of our marriage


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We are honored you'd like to join the adventure with us!

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