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Facing Reality, the Leslie Knope Adoption Binder, and a Clean Scan

Not Dead Yet!

I don't know how many appreciate my dry and sometimes morbid humor, but I'm happy to say, "I'm not dead yet!" I received great news in the form of another clean CT scan last week—scan number 8 of 11! This is such a relief because if any of those scans show a concern, it could halt our adoption process. We're incredibly grateful for this good news and are hopeful for continued positive results.

Am I on Repeat?

I feel like a broken record by now, but over the past few weeks, we've been diligently continuing and completing the required education courses and to dos.

We both completed the 10 hour course on the Hague Compliant Intercountry Adoption Journey. The Hague Adoption Convention is an international treaty that provides important safeguards to protect the best interests of children, birth parents, and prospective adoptive parents in intercountry adoptions. This means there is a certain process for international adoptions that Hague Adoption Convention countries must follow.

However, Taiwan is not part of the Hague Adoption Convention (politics, Ch!n@, etc). However, the Taiwan adoption process is very similar to that of countries in the convention. All this to say that while it doesn't apply to us, it still does. Make sense? No? Cool. Anyway.

The Case of the Missing Paperwork

We did experience our first minor hiccup with our paperwork. We thought we had submitted a document when, in fact, we hadn't. Then, to add to the confusion, we thought we had lost the document (which was notarized), but fortunately, it turned up. A lot of the documents we submit are digital, which is nice, but there's still a significant amount of printed material. To keep us more organized moving forward, I've made a Leslie Knope-type adoption binder!

A meme of Leslie Knope and her love of binders
A Frank Discussion with an Adoptive Family

As part of Phase Two of the home study, we were tasked with reaching out to a family who has recently adopted from Taiwan. We had the pleasure of chatting with a beautiful family who has adopted two boys (ages 11 and 10 at time of adoption) in recent years. For privacy, I will not share specifics. But hearing their experiences and insights was incredibly valuable. It was also interesting to note some of the cultural differences. Now we have to write a report about that conversation. Nothing gets done without writing a report!

The Reality of the Situation

We have to be honest with ourselves about the realities we are facing. One being the financial aspect of adoption which we've mentioned in previous posts. We're feeling the pressure of the expenses we've already covered and those that are still ahead. We are committed to making it work and as mentioned, are making adjustments to our lifestyle to save where we can.

The other reality was brought up during our conversation with the adoptive family mentioned above: those first few weeks (and years) after the child is home is hard. It's not what you envision it to be and the struggle is real. Parents of any child can relate, amiright? The "time suckage" is huge. So Nelson and I check in with each other occasionally to confirm such realities and make sure we're ready to face those challenges.

Another reality is post adoption depression. While we hope to avoid it, we also recognize the importance of acknowledging its existence and preparing ourselves mentally and emotionally. We are equipping ourselves with tools and resources, such as support groups, counseling options, and strategies to help us navigate any potential difficulties that may arise.

You Gotta Have Faith

As most of you with faith know, it can be hard to lean on God and let Him work it all out in His perfect timing. We are trying to remain calm and trust the process, knowing that His plan is the best plan.

Your support and encouragement mean the world to us. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We will continue to keep you updated!


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