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Our First Home Study Visit and an Unforeseen Frustration

Last week, we had our first home study visit, and we're thrilled to share that it went exceptionally well. This initial visit was a significant milestone in our adoption journey, and we're feeling more optimistic than ever about the path ahead.

We used Sniffspot so our pup could run around on a farm!
We had a fun long weekend with Toby

The Home Study Interview Experience

Our social worker came over for a thorough interrogation—er, interview—to figure out if we’re fit to be parents. During the visit, our social worker asked questions to get to know us better and understand our motivations and preparedness for adoption. We also did a home and property tour. The social worker's approach was professional yet warm, making us feel comfortable and supported throughout the process.

Our discussion covered various topics, including our childhood experiences, parenting philosophies, and support systems. Reflecting on these aspects of our lives not only reinforced our decision to adopt but also strengthened our bond as a couple. The experience was like a really intense first date, but without food and drink. The social worker gave us some positive feedback, which was reassuring. Apparently, we’re not complete disasters :)

Preparing Our Home

Over the long weekend, we tackled a significant project: removing the old carpet from the child's room. This brings us one step closer to creating a cozy and safe space where our child can feel at home. It makes my heart happy to see the progress of transforming this space into a safe haven.

Looking Ahead

More Home Study Paperwork and Researching Adoption Grants

As we await the next home study visit—there will be one, maybe two more—we've turned our attention to researching adoption grants and completing another list of required documentation and forms. We understand that completing the home study is a prerequisite for most grant applications, so we're eager to move forward quickly.

I'm a Little Annoyed . . .

We've discovered several grants specifically for cancer survivors, but many of these are limited to individuals 39 and younger. This age restriction has been particularly disheartening, as it excludes us and many others who have faced cancer at this specific time in our lives.

This experience has highlighted a broader issue that has been a source of frustration for me. As an "elder millennial," I often feel overlooked by the cancer community, which tends to focus on children, young adults, and then the elderly. This can be isolating for patients my age, as it implies that those of us aged 40-55 are not significant or worthy of targeted support. Every cancer survivor, regardless of age, deserves access to resources and support tailored to their experiences. I'm curious to know why adoption grants for cancer survivors are limited to those aged 21-39 and I've written to one of the organizations to find that out. I'll keep you posted!

Fundraising Events?

I've had some thoughts on hosting one or two fundraising events later this year. There are a lot of options but I want to do something that is uniquely "us." Stay tuned! And we just want to share a reminder that any donation of any dollar amount will be recognized by having your name embroidered on a quilt for our child. And as awkward as it is for us, I'm going to go ahead and slide that tax-deductible donation button in here:

Moving Forward with Hope

The positive outcome of our first home study visit has given us renewed energy and optimism.

Thank you for being a part of our story! If you have any advice or know of adoption grants that might help us, please reach out. Your support means the world to us.


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