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From Oncology to Adoption Orientation

We have loved reading all of the well-wishes we've received after announcing our adoption plans! We had hoped to get a start on the journey much sooner (2020 probably would've been that year, of course). But COVID. Then cancer.

Finally, in 2022, we met with people from the His Kids ministry at our church, First Baptist Orlando. We were given some wonderful resources and recommendations and got in touch with Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

Unfortunately, because of my cancer diagnosis, we learned we needed to obtain a medical waiver to potentially shorten our wait time to apply from five years to three years of remission. We spent 2022 and 2023 praying and asking for guidance and clean scans. In the summer of 2023, my oncologist wrote a letter stating my prognosis was good, and after consulting with Nightlight we determined January of 2023 would be the time to submit our official application to Nightlight. We were accepted and thus the paperwork and fee schedule has begun!

We are currently in the Orientation phase. Once that is completed we will begin our home study which could take four to six months. But Nelson sees this as a positive challenge and is eager to see how quickly he can get all the paperwork done.

We're also attempting to learn some Mandarin and have discovered some pretty cool Taiwan webcams for views of the country.

Looking back on my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery (both physically and mentally), I see where God has brought us to His perfect timing in all of this. We are stronger and better people than we were five years ago. We're stronger in our faith and in our marriage and even in our relationships with others. In the midst of pain and sorrow, He was and still is molding us to be ready for this journey and also better humans for our little girl!


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Anyone who has been touched by cancer should know that they are not alone and that there are others who have experienced similar challenges.

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